Pre-Arrival Men’s Care Package

Treat yourself with something special and freely choose between our carefully selected high end products:

Are you ready for the next level of shaving? Then the Panasonic Lamdash ES-LV9DX Electric Razor is just for you! Using high technology this innovative razor gently moves along your skin without any effort. Five blades will move in any possible direction and motion to achieve a perfect clean shave bringing your shaving experience to the next level. The Panasonic Lamdash razor truly is the embodiment of Japanese technology that no man should miss out on.


Another hidden gem of Japanese technology is this high quality towel set “Kagetsu” by Imabari Kinsei using the finest cotton and craftsmanship that Japan has to offer. The included face, bath and wash towel are placed in a beautiful wooden box which makes this set is the perfect gift to yourself to start a relaxing vacation. The touch of the soft fabric speaks of the wisdom and tradition of Japanese culture that leads every product to perfection.


To complete the package we selected the Valmont’s Hair Regenerating Cleanser Anti-Age Shampoo which is designed to sooth and gently clean your scalp and hair. Using high performance ingredients like keratin it stimulates the growth of hair while simultaneously preventing hair loss.

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