An Unforgettable Dinner in Japan: The Miracles of a Private Chef

Japanese chefs are known all around the world for their refined skills and spotless presentation. Why not enjoy a superb course menu in the comfort of your own vacation home?

Japanese chefs are highly dedicated to their craft. Going through years of training only the best survive, reaching a state of perfection often unknown in other parts of the world. Let a private chef take you on a journey through Japan’s culinary history or dive deep into international cuisine, GOYOH’s network of trusted private chef has you covered.

A private chef can create a customized menu for you covering anything from a savory breakfast to a multiple course dinner menu. Treat yourself to a special meal without having to leave your vacation home, throw a grand dinner party with friends and family, or even hire a full-time chef to cater you during your entire stay. No more queuing or arranging reservations, just relax and enjoy a healthy and exquisite meal at home.


From farm to table

Creating a premium meal does not just start with putting ingredients in a pan. Way before that, world-class chefs know how to selected superior and fresh ingredients to create the unique taste, feel and look they want to achieve. While preparing healthy meals to fulfill your desires, their creativity is unlimited, designing a culinary extravaganza.

Following the farm to table principle, Japanese chefs deeply care about the products used and where they come from. They know that the taste and look of their creations is not only determined by their cooking skills but also influenced by how cattle is raised or if pesticides are used to grow the vegetables.


How it works

Contact GOYOH via MyNinja and share your preferred cuisine, time of stay and location with us. We will present you with the best chefs that suit your needs and will create the perfect experience for you.

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