Washoku: A Country Dedicated to Gastronomy

Japanese are well-known to be very detail-oriented in every aspect of their life. This is particularly true regarding culinary art where their skills literally excel.


Great Chefs, Deep Knowledge, Fresh and Seasonal Products: the perfect Blend

It is impossible to travel in Japan without noticing the incredible numbers of restaurants, they are literally everywhere. Like restaurants, Japanese food is not all about Sushi and counts many specialties. 

From one region to another, huge differences can be noticed since Japan nature is highly abundant and varied, which is one of the main reason for its gastronomy’s success. Most of restaurants are specialized in one type of cuisine, which is benefit for the Chef who can fully master its skills in a particular field and can look for the finest products of the day to use.

Kaiseki: The Sophisticated Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Kaiseki shows how important quality and aestheticism is valuate in Japan when it comes to cooking. This luxury multi-course meal is composed of dozens of small dishes delicately prepared by skillful chefs with high-end ingredients. In short, Kaiseki is the epitome of Japanese Cuisine and the perfect example to understand why it get added to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Unesco in 2013.

japan food kaiseki

Refinement is not limited to Luxury, find subtlety even in the most popular meals

Japan has so many culinary experiences for you to try that it would be a shame to limit yourself to high-end cuisine only. From sweet and soft Unadon, a grilled eel rice bowl with teriyaki sauce, to impressive Ramen noodles or Japanese barbecue Yakiniku, you will be delighted by how healthy and complete Japanese gastronomy can be.

A Paradise for Vegetarians & Vegans

Buddhism get introduced in the archipelago in the sixth century and since that time, it never ceased to influence and shape Japan customs. That includes food too and Shojin Ryori, the traditional Buddhist cuisine, have nothing to be jealous of Ramen or Sushi. 

Monks in respect of their philosophy developed for centuries a wide-range of vegetarians meals that you can easily enjoy all-over Japan. In addition, vegetarians and vegans cuisine are not only limited to Buddhism sphere here, more and more chefs keep to innovate and create new tastes according to this demand so you can come with high expectation. If you want to learn more, you can have a look at our article: Traveling Japan as Vegan or Vegetarian.

veg bobun

Japan is also Blessed with Foreign Cuisine, Everything can be found here and quality is what it should be

With 234 Michelin starred restaurants, Tokyo is no less than the most starred-city in the world. Furthermore, compare to big cities such as Paris or London, these restaurants are not all overpriced just because of their status. 

Among these exquisite restaurants, some gems born by the finest skills from French or Italian chefs stand all over the country. There is literally nothing you cannot find here. Thus, rest assured that if you want to eat specialties from your home country such as a good Raclette or an authentic Risotto, it is very easy to find a suitable place.

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