The Beauty Salons of Tokyo’s Luxury District: Aphrodite

Located in Ginza and names after the Grecian goddess, Aphrodite possesses the number one of high-end hair salons of the capital. One concept based on two words only: Beauty & Love.

Aphrodite's Philosophy: Beauty & Love

It has been over a long decade that Aphrodite Group chose to start its activities on the Champs Elysées of Tokyo, Ginza. Motivated by the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, more known by her Roman equivalent, Venus, Aphrodite’s experienced team is always doing its best in order to take care of their guests’ hairs through high skills and flawless Japanese hospitality.

Sumptuous Hair Salons of the Capital: Luludi & Aphrodite

Aphrodite Ginza and Luludi became quite famous recently thanks to their elegant luxury salons and to the formidable quality of work offered by their expert team. Since the great stylists working here are extremely sensitive to their customers’ needs, they shortly managed to catch a chic clientele who keep coming on a regular basis.

Before to start anything, they always carefully ask about guests’ preferences and all requests are considered in. This is why finally, clients are without exception delighted by getting the ideal blend between trend and their individual style, which is Aphrodite’s key to success.


Yet, both salons don’t focus on the outside beauty aspect only. As the name of the group suggests, the aim is to push visitors to love them and to feel better about their inner self. For that, Aphrodite’s employees are constantly pushing the limit of Japanese hospitality by welcoming warmly, listening sincerely and providing a restful moment like nowhere else to everyone.


"Beautiful Hair" Clinic: Bigami

As you will have understood just by reading the title of this paragraph, the clinic Bigami is a beauty salon exclusively dedicated to hair treatment. They propose unique haircare services independently developed, such as head spa by example, to embellish durably one’s hair quality. In addition, Bigami Clinic is using peerless shampoos from Gran Blend, which is a premium brand fully composed of state-of-the-art ingredients.

To Cultivate Beauty, Rendez-Vous at Tamarubi

Tamarubi Head Spa Salon is strictly following the motto “beauty starts in the relaxation of one’s mind”. From that, one can see quite easily that Tamarubi’s team is really attached to the concept of inner peace and its repercussions on our actual body. 

Hence, they are offering customized care treatments combining natural methods of traditional Japanese knowledge and most recent techniques acquired through the benefit of technological advancement. With all that, you can guess that it’s almost impossible to leave this salon without being entirely satisfied and totally refreshed.


Total Eye Beauty, an Unequaled Eyelash Salon

A lot of girls are frequently thinking about their eyelashes and many of them wish they would have longer ones. Hence, each morning the same struggle with mascara is repeated, which can be time-consuming and annoying occasionally. However, there is one way to remediate to all this: try to visit one of the finest eyelash salons in the middle of Tokyo, Total Eye Beauty. Besides the possibility to decide on the thickness and the curve of the eyelash, adroit estheticians are very friendly and will counsel you thoroughly so that you will definitively get the perfect match for you.


La Vela Nail Salon

The last salon of the group specialized in nail art is also like the others established in the famous Ginza district. La Vela means candle in Spanish and the reason for that name is pretty simple. 

Usually, when peoples are staring at a candle flickering flame, they tend to find a singular sense of peace. With this thought in mind, the vela managers were aspiring to recreate a similar feeling through their passion for nail art and to share it with their guests. A fulfilled wish now.

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