GOYOH Selection: Floral Arrangement Services for Special Memories

GOYOH Ikebana Flower Arrangement 佐々木真澄 Masumi Sasaki
GOYOH Ikebana Flower Arrangement 佐々木真澄 Masumi Sasaki
Something special to show your appreciation and support to important family, friends, and business partners

Whether its a gift you are looking for, or flowers to have in your home or workspace, when done right, flower arrangements have the ability to enchant and ensure you are provided not just with flowers, but an experience. 

In this article, we are pleased to introduce a special GOYOH service provided by Masumi Sasaki, a world renowned flower artist who has helped the ultra wealthy of both Japan and overseas express their feelings of appreciation and love through the gift of flowers. 


To Loved Ones Near and Far

While the digitalization of our ecosystem keeps us seemingly connected at all times, physical connection has become increasingly difficult. Sometimes, a simple gift of flowers can make up for the psychical space between you. Depending on the relationship and situation, the flower arrangements are highly customizable to match the message you wish to convey. 


Types of Gifts

Depending on your request and budget, Masumi Sasaki can take your message and turn it into an art piece. She is able to prepare bouquets, arrangements, event flowers, potted flowers, etc. 

GOYOH Ikebana Flower Arrangement 佐々木真澄 Masumi Sasaki
GOYOH Ikebana Flower Arrangement 佐々木真澄 Masumi Sasaki
Uses of Flower Services

・Delivery of gifts for occasions such as anniversaries, promotions, project completions etc
・Regularly scheduled arrangements for your home, office, or other facilities 
・Delivery of flowers to special guests in your hospitality facility. 

All flowers will be carefully delivered by Yamato Transport. 

The next time you want to send a special message to a loved one, we hope flower arrangements by Masumi Sasaki can turn the message into an experience. We are also providing special services like regular flower arrangements for GOYOH affiliated facilities, GOYOH member homes, and our corporate customers. 

Feel free to reach out to us through Ask MyNinja, or Request an Invitation to enjoy all the luxury lifestyle services we have to offer!

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