Private Dining with Geisha in Tokyo

What is the purest symbol of Japanese elegance and refinement? Geisha, without hesitation. Unfortunately, they were still around 80,000 in 1920 and are now estimated to be only between 1,000 and 2,000.

Yet, The Capitol Tokyu can manage to book you one outstanding experience with them, don't miss this Chance.


The Hotel of The Beatles

Do you want to know more about this hotel that arranges private dining with geisha in Tokyo? Well, first it is located just a step from the Imperial Palace in the center of Tokyo. Also, all luxury standards are completely excelled in this palace. Hence, you can expect to be treated with the greatest Japanese hospitality and to literally find everything you would like to have. No wonder why international celebrities like The Beatles or Michael Jackson used to stay here when visiting Japan.

As you can see, each room is a blend between modern sobriety and ancestral Japanese architectural knowledge. In addition, you can admire an outstanding panorama on Tokyo cityscape with the National Diet or the garden of Hie Shrine below from your room. 

The Capitol is also blessed to have all kinds of services ready for its customers. From high-end restaurants, meeting rooms with bar, lounge, pastry shop, spa, fitness club, to photo studio or flower shop, there is everything. For more information, feel free to have a look here


Sumptuous Restaurant with three centuries of History

So now, maybe are you wondering where this dining will take place? Let us introduce you one of the greatest restaurants in Tokyo. Akasaka Asada was established in 1659 and take its roots in the exquisite Kaga cuisine from Kanazawa. They aim to reproduce as accurately as possible genuine tastes from this remote region. This is why they naturally only use seasonal ingredients carefully selected from there to realize it.

Thus, you can easily guess that a culinary experience at Akasaka Asada is incomparable to none in Tokyo. Far from a simple gastronomic pleasure. You have to think of it more like a short journey through time to discover a new part of an authentic Japan that stay untouched since the Edo area. 

Private Dining with Geisha in Tokyo

Thanks to The Capitol Tokyu, if you are interested in Japanese culture, you can now enjoy one exclusive dining accompanied by geisha. It does not come cheap of course but as explained above, you know this is way more than a gourmet experience.

Usually, the evening starts with a pleasant conversation between you and the geisha, before to switch on some delicate meals of Kaga cuisine. Then, the geisha will perform several dances and sing to entertain you. It’s one lifetime opportunity to listen to mesmerizing shamisen and to try traditional games with entertainers coming straight from noble Japanese history.

Would you like to Stay at The Capitol Tokyu or enjoy a private dining with Geisha? Please contact GOYOH. Also, if you would like to use our Services, feel free to Request an Invitation.

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