Own Your Private Island in Japan

How about having your private island in Japan, more precisely in the southernmost Japanese paradise of Okinawa? GOYOH can help you to achieve this dream.

Land of Diversity

Japan is without any doubt the most loved destinations when it comes to traveling in Asia. To describe this fascinating country, the most used sentence is the classical “mix of modernity and tradition”. Yet, this omnipresent aspect is not nearly enough to illustrate this wonderful country. Along with it, there are many factors behind its international success such as its hospitality, gastronomy, unique culture, convenience, and mesmerizing landscapes.


The Growing Sectors of Japan: Tourism & Hospitality

These are the future of Japan and a short look at the numbers can confirm it. This is no less than 28 million visitors who came in 2017 and 31 million in 2018. Hence, an increase of 400% since 2011. Yet, keep in mind that this is just the beginning. In addition, the government even expects this number to reach 40 million and 60 million in 2020 and 2030. 

As anyone can see, the tourism sector is full of high expectations here with many things to develop further. This is why investors from around the world naturally don’t want to miss an opportunity like this one. 

Open to Foreigners

Ones could easily think that the tourism industry is strictly restricted to Japanese citizens as it is quite often the case in Asia. However, once again Japan is way more open than its neighborhood countries and foreigners can obtain real estate ownership without any difficulty.


Uninhabited Island in Okinawa

Okinawa Islands are located at the southern tip of Japan, right next to Taiwan. They are well known for their singular culture, tropical climate, heavenly beaches, and coral reefs. Not too difficult to imagine why this is the number one spot to spend holidays for Japanese peoples, right? 

For your information, there is currently a golden opportunity in this beautiful archipelago. Some of the Okinawa Islands are entirely available for sale. It could interest people who would like to possess their private island in Japan. These islands are ideal both for personal use or to develop it for commercial purposes like Amanpulo in the Philippines.

Invest in Private Resort

As you can guess, getting access to the total control of an island in Japan is an occasion extremely rare. Yet, you may wonder how GOYOH can manage to offer you that chance? It is all thanks to its exclusive networks acquired by Asterisk Realty, our big sister company that has long expertise in real estate.

In case you need any assistance, we can also help you to build or develop your project. Regarding the asking price, for example, an island that has a land size of about 1,500,000 square meters is generally worth around 13,5 Million USD (1.5 Billion Yen). 


If you are interested or would need more details, Please contact GOYOH. Also, if you would like to use our services, feel free to request an invitation.

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