Be the first to experience GOYOH’s new ultra-exclusive service KIWAMI!

Introducing the ultimate way to travel and explore Japan with the country's top hospitality experts and artisans.

Better than anything before, GOYOH is announcing the launch of a new addition to its lineup. Our concierge service has already received high praise by the world’s high net worth community, but now we have developed an even more exclusive and unique service.
We are proud to introduce the next revolution in fully customized luxury hospitality: KIWAMI!

More exclusive. More intimate. More customizable.

KIWAMI is GOYOH’s new ultra-exclusive concierge service for selected premium members.

In close cooperation with celebrity ambassadors and top experts of their field, we have created the ultimate luxury experiences in Japan. KIWAMI is a bespoke service 100% personalized to our clients based on the year-long experience in the industry and expertise of our ambassadors making KIWAMI the quintessence of luxury and customized services. 

The Japanese word KIWAMI 極み stands for “extreme” and the name certainly speaks for itself. Beyond our regular services, KIWAMI opens doors you haven’t even heard about yet. Our ambassadors will use their private network and contacts to create an unforgettable and unique experience just for you.

KIWAMI is only accessible by invite, contact us to learn more about how you can become part of our elite club and benefit from GOYOH’s finest services.


One of Japan’s top luxury hotel and dining experts business and self-made billionaire will open his personal network for you. As a pioneer of the Japanese luxury hospitality business (as some call him) he knows the best-hidden secrets of Japan’s gourmet scene and personally customizes your experience. There is no catalog or set menu, trust the judgment and connection one can only gain from decades in the industry. Not even the Michelin Guide knows about these places that are only granted access by personal recommendation. 


Nowadays everyone can walk into Cartier or Tiffany and buy a piece of their choice. However, if you are seeking truly unique pieces then our invite-only jewelry experts will take you on a journey to antique crystal tiaras that were once in the possession of queens, brooches decorated with the finest artwork or colliers made from deep dark rubies. A visit to our jewelry experts is not just like any shopping for a new addition to your collection, it is an educational and sensual experience. Touch the antique pieces and feel their weight in your own hands, see how the light reflects in the diamonds, and experience their true beauty. 


GOYOH’s beauty experts will take you on a customized wellness journey at Japan’s top wellness temples. Using high-end products and state-of-the-art technology you can enjoy the very best treatments and techniques Japan has to offer. You are – literally – in the best hands to revive your body and soul. High-quality ingredients from around the world are used in luxury and customized treatments that will soothe your skin, hair, and body and preserve its youthfulness and vitality. À la carte beauty and wellness treatments by seasoned professionals are also available to treat you in the convenience of your vacation home or residence. 


Reach your personal fitness goal with celebrity fitness trainers and use your time in Japan to develop new skills and become stronger. A personalized training plan is the best way to achieve better and faster results and reach your peak form. Fitness can come in many varieties and you will be able to choose from those you like best: Whether you want to train with a Karate or Judo master, explore Yoga, or push yourself to the next limit, GOYOH’s KIWAMI service connects you with your ideal fitness coach.


GOYOH is an exclusive online concierge service providing online consultancy for luxury lifestyle services to cater to the needs of high net worth inbound tourists in Japan. Connecting affluent overseas guests to Japan’s state of the art service providers and luxury lifestyle, we offer the next generation of hospitality.

GOYOH’s services cover all areas of your stay from shopping, activities, fine dining to booking or buying a vacation home in Japan. Through our online interface, clients can book premium services like reserving a table at a Michelin star restaurant or arranging a private chef or limousines service. Our exclusive store also guarantees access to high-end and hard-to-get products from categories such as beauty, art or alcoholic beverages that can be shipped directly to their holiday residence or home country.

GOYOH opens the doors to an exclusive world of Japanese hospitality that will make your stay unforgettable and unique. With versatile connections in the world of luxury travel and real estate, the GOYOH universe is truly multi-faceted providing direct access to luxury hospitality, real estate, and high-end consumer goods.
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