Private Sushi Catering in Japan

After a good day of skiing in the mountains of Hokkaido, how about trying an exquisite Sushi menu within the warm atmosphere of your chalet?

Pure Gourmet Experience

During your holidays in Hokkaido, there will at least one time where you will not want to go out to have dinner. Why? Because the climate can be rude in winter here with a lot of snow. Do not worry, GOYOH collaborates with Japanese finest Chefs and can arrange a special catering at your personal holiday home. Naturally, you will be asked all your preferences before. Yet, how about trying one of the finest sushi catering in Japan? You will never forget this culinary experience and we can promise that your loved ones will be delighted by it too.

The Yugiyama Brothers, two chefs dedicated to Japanese cuisine

These two brothers, Keisuke (head chef) and Yasufumi (sous chef), choose the same path. They both worked and learned the art of Japanese cuisine in well-known and prestigious restaurants. After their training, they decided to come back to Hokkaido to create refined cuisine for their guests and pass on the essence of Japanese culture to the generations after them.

Sophisticated Sushi Catering in Japan

Are you the adventurous type? If so, then you have to try the authentic Japanese way “omakase”. It literally means to let the chef in total control of your menu with his freshest products of the day. Otherwise, if you know what you want to eat, there is naturally a la carte menu so you will be able to order your favorite fish without any trouble.

Private Sushi Catering is not limited to Hokkaido. Hence, if you are interested in having this service in your Residence, Please contact MyNinja. Also, if you would like to benefit our Services, feel free to Request an Invitation.  

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