Fun Winter Activities in Hokkaido

Need a break from skiing? We got you covered with many more things to do in the snow!
Hokkaido is not only a great place for skiing and snowboarding but in recent years many more activities have become popular in the North of Japan making your stay even more versatile. All are suitable for any age and don’t require much experience.

Hop on a Snowmobile

Snowmobiles are a great way to discover the endless fields of Japan that are not accessible by foot or other vehicles. The fine powder snow will provide a pleasant experience around your resort and dedicated courses. If you want to go on a longer trip, you can also let an experienced guide take you on a journey through the snowy hinterlands. You will learn how to operate the snowmobile on the spot and don’t even need a driver’s license to drive a snowmobile. The vehicles are easy to operate and will open up views to amazing scenery to you. Just hop on and go racing through the snow.


Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding is not only popular in Arctic regions but has also made its way to Northern Japan as a recreational activity. The dogs will be delighted to race with you through the snow and run like their heart desires. While snowmobiles are usually only built for one person dog sleds can hold up to two adults and one child, making it a perfect family activity. You don’t need any special requirements to hop on a dog sled other than good balance and attentiveness to your surroundings. Simply learn the basic commands and you are on the go!

Ice Fishing

Hokkaido is perfect for ice fishing since most of its lakes freeze solid and you can safely spend time on the ice. For the purpose of fishing, small holes are drilled into the surface of the ice to open an entrance to the water lying beneath. The equipment used differs slightly from regular fishing, specifically, the angling rod has been adjusted. Since the angler sits very close to the hole the rod is more lightweight and shorter than used in open water fishing. If you don’t mind the cold, this activity can be done in the open but you can also retrieve into small structures that offer shelter from the wind and harsh temperatures. Overall, this is a great activity to socialize and relax.


Snowshoe Hiking

Are you feeling a bit more adventurous outdoor activities? Then why not try snowshoe hiking? Snowshoes are additional footwear attached to your boots. It helps to distribute your weight over a larger surface and results in less sinking into the deep snow. Moving around in snowshoes is easy to learn and moving in an even terrain will be relatively safe. Adjusting to the abilities and ages of the group this can be a short family adventure or an expedition to the top of a mountain.

Did some of these winter activities appeal to you? Contact MyNinja to arrange your next winter adventures.
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