Wellness Services in Japan

Traveling can be exhausting, why not treat yourself to a day at the spa

to reset and energize yourself? 

What better time than your vacation for some self-care and relaxation? Being miles away from your work or house will help you clear your mind and release the tensions in your body. Japan certainly has a lot to offer, from walking around ancient temple grounds to trying the newest technological fad. There are endless things to see, feel or taste, but sometimes one needs to let the body rest. Destress, breathe deeply and go on a retreat. You will undoubtedly see for yourself that wellness services in Japan are just out of this world.


Japan offers multiple options varying from a few minutes to several days to relax your body and soul. For a lengthier stay, we highly recommend a spa facility that will accommodate you as long as you wish. There is nothing better than enjoying a comfortable bed, being treated to fine food, relaxing with a massage or enjoying a swim in the pool.

The Ultimate Spa Experience in Hiroshima: Bella Vista Spa

Bella Vista Spa in Hiroshima is one of our partner facilities and one of the best places to enjoy some luxurious “me time”. The attentive staff will let no wish unfulfilled, until you feel on cloud nine. Their remarkable vista of the sea will soothe you while you enjoy a relaxing massage. To round up your experience, you can also choose between additional activities such as stargazing, yoga or a yacht cruise.

At Bella Vista you can enjoy locally sourced food that is prepared to highlight the flavors of the region. As close attention is being paid to the preparation, cooking and presentation, be ready for a culinary spectacle in your mouth.

An Oasis in The City: Hills Spa in Tokyo

Hills Spa is a members-only spa and fitness club for ultimate relaxation, both physically and mentally. You can access their premium services in 5 exclusive locations in Tokyo, including Roppongi Hills, ARK Hills, Ataga Green Hills, Motoazabu Hills and Sengokuyama. Getting away from the stress of the megacity is only a few minutes away.

Hills Spa is an all-round facility providing gyms with the latest equipment, saunas, swimming pools, jacuzzis, aesthetic salons and more. A personal coach is ready to assist you with your physical wellbeing and help you reach your goals. Without leaving the building, you can also enjoy group classes such as yoga, pilates or water aerobics, or even hone your swing skills in one of the golf simulators.

Premium Services all around Japan: Hoshino Resorts

Looking back on over 100 years of experience in the hospitality business, Hoshino Resorts has become one of Japan’s leading hotel management establishments, providing Japanese famed omotenashi hospitality. Their facilities are all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa and you can enjoy the quality of their wellness services in many places, such as KAI hot spring resorts or HOSHINOYA luxury hotels, sojourning in a modern and luxurious environment.

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