5 Unique Culinary Experiences to Japan

It is often said that there are many experiences you can only live in Japan and Washoku, Japanese cuisine, is definitively an integral part of it.

Japan was the second nation after France to have its gastronomy being registered to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritages list in 2013. And honestly speaking, with all the wonders that Washoku possesses, it is a shame that it took so long for it to get recognized as such. Find our personal selection below and prepare yourself to discover new sensations through your palates, but also through your eyes and nose. 


Private Dining with Geisha

Geishas, literally the “arts person”, are without any doubt one of the most powerful symbols to reflects the refinement of ancestral Japan. Sadly, only a few hundreds are left nowadays scattered in particular hidden areas but thanks to them, splendid traditions are still well perpetuated. 

The strict custom “Ichigensan Okotowari”, which can be translated as “first-time customers not accepted”, partly explains why dining with a geisha is something extremely difficult, even for Japanese people.

Yet, GOYOH can arrange everything for you and a private geisha banquet as well. It is a golden opportunity to discover the beauty of classical Japanese arts and outstanding hospitality, Omotenashi.

Fugu, the Deadly Fish

Known all over the world, Fugu or globefish is a luxurious fish that is among the most notorious foods of Japan. The main reason for its fame is a bit paradoxical. Since it contains a lethal toxin, only some great chefs who passed a very strict exam after years of hard-training are authorized to cook and serve it in their establishment. 

Some people are saying that in the end, it is more for the excitement than for the taste that this fish is so popular. We still recommend you to try this adventure, which is in fact without any danger thanks to the dexterity of meticulous Japanese chefs and to savour the tender white flesh of Fugu in order to make your own opinion. 


Sake Tasting

Do you know Sake? I mean, do you really know Sake as a connoisseur does? 

Often and unfortunately unknown in occident, Sake is a millennium and sacred alcohol deeply rooted in Japanese culture. As for wine, there are endless types of Sake and its taste is enormously dependent on many factors such as the rice polishing ratio, the brewing method, the koji mold, the quality of the water and the rice, etc.

GOYOH can introduce you to a Sake master who will share with you its passion and knowledge about this refined beverage. You will discover aromas and flavours you never suspected could exist before and learn how to enjoy it correctly according to what type of food. 

Kobe Wagyu Beef

You don’t drink alcohols and you are not a risk-taker as well? Don’t worry, there are many other things awaiting your arrival here, including the best beef in the world on condition that you know where to head for, of course. There is by the way absolutely no exaggeration here from me, but on the contrary, I am choosing my words carefully. 

The Kobe beef is another well-known exclusivity of Japan and it is all thanks to the Tagima cattle, also called Japanese black cattle from Hyogo prefecture. They have for particularity to possess high intramuscular fat (instead of fat around the muscles as usual) and to receive exceptional careful treatments. The result? A peerless butter-like taste that you cannot find anywhere else. 


Yakatabune Cruising

Put yourself in Samurai’s shoes for one night and embark an authentic Yakatabune boat on Tokyo Bay with your friends, family or your beloved one to enjoy a dinner like you never had.

This taste experience will delight you not only because you will enjoy sophisticated Kaiseki-style cuisine, the quintessence of Washoku, meticulously prepared with the freshest local ingredients but also for the mesmerizing landscapes you will see along in the evening.

It is even possible to spend this unforgettable moment in the company of some geishas or to admire the cherry blossom and fireworks depending on the season.

As you probably understand while reading this article, Japan is literally a paradise for gourmet. Not only about gastronomy, this archipelago is also filled with sensational and intense experiences. We can customize and arrange everything for you according to your needs so feel free to contact us.

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