Delicious Japanese Fruits Gifts

In Japan custom, gifts are omnipresent and seasonal fruits are the most offered among them. Because of that, Japanese people are extremely selective and meticulous when farming them. The Result? An Appearance close to perfection and a matchless Taste.

A wide and Fertile Land who allows Miracles

Japan is always perceived as a small country, which when being compared to giants like Russia or China is not a wrong statement; Yet, being small doesn’t always mean to have a limited fauna and flora. 

Due to its insular character and its location, Japan counts a large variety of different species with many exclusiveness ones. This is also naturally the case regarding fruits who can be found here. Since each region is not subject to the same climate, it gives the opportunity to obtain a lot of diverse harvests all over the year.


Northern Japan's red Gems

Hokkaido, the northernmost island of the archipelago, like the Tohoku Region knows tough winter with many days below the bar of zero degrees and above all a lot of snow. 

However, after enduring this rough period, mild-warm weather comes to visit these areas in late-spring. Hence, red berry such as gooseberry, raspberry, and blackberry are representatives of this province. There is also an important production of apple, pears, and sweet cherries, especially in Aomori Prefecture, which is exported all-over Japan.

Kyushu Island & Okinawa: Generous Sun & Tropical Fruits

Kyushu Island is situated in the southern part of Japan and is affected by a subtropical climate. With a short and soft winter coupled to a hot and humid summer, this is the perfect paradise for growing delicious mango, orange, medlar, and strawberry. 

In addition, numerous farms right in the middle of beautiful pastoral landscapes propose activity where guests can pick their favorite fruits directly. A great way to taste freshest local fruits and meet welcoming Japanese farmers.


Senbikiya, a Passionate Expert since 1834

During the Edo-era, a samurai going by the name of Benzo Ohshima decided to found a business based on fruits from around his residence in the north of Tokyo. He named his company Senbikiya and besides being determined to make it successful, his hometown was blessed with convenient waterways going straight to the capital. Shortly, his business went prosperously and he made an important change at some point. 

Instead of trying to sell quantity, Ohshima chose to focus more on the quality of the product in order to satisfy its main customers with luxury supply. This is the reason why nowadays, Senbikiya is a well-established national symbol who illustrates the greatness and refinement of Japanese high-end fruits. They are constantly innovating by creating savory desserts, exquisite juice and well more. GOYOH proposes the best of Senbikiya on our website so feel free to have a look or to contact us for any recommendation.

If you are interested in Japanese fruits and would like to buy some as a gift or for yourself, Please ask Myninja. Also, if you want to benefit our services, feel free to Request an Invitation.

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