Sake, the Finest Japanese Rice Wine

More than a mere beverage, Sake is the perfect marriage between Japan's abundant nature and traditional knowledge.

Sake pile

Deep Roots in Japanese History

As you probably noticed, Japanese whiskey has received a great deal of attention in the past years, playing in the same league as Japanese cuisine, whose claim to fame is to be one of the most refined and healthy in the world. In comparison, Japanese rice wine, i.e. sake, is still little known overseas. It is a shame considering this delicate alcohol can pride itself on more than two millennia of history. 

Japanese sake masters have never stopped trying to reach the perfect taste, honing their craft in accordance with tradition. Japan is lucky to have very well-preserved customs, and the knowledge related to sake is part of it.

The Secret behind every bottle of Sake

As the best wine owes a lot of its qualities to its vineyard, the best sake also has its secrets. The taste of Japanese rice wine depends on many factors, such as the purity of the water, the quality of the rice, the type of yeast used and, of course, the master’s skills. 

One important specificity of sake is the rice polishing ratio. In fact, sakes are classified according to it. For example, a Ginjo indicates 40 percent of the grain used has been polished away. A sake with a ratio of 50 percent polished rice is designated as Daiginjo.


Making the Right Choice

As you may have guessed, from the fresh and fruity to the thicker and richer in the mouth, there is a large variety of flavors for you to explore during your travels in Japan. Our professional team at GOYOH is delighted to help you choose the best match for you. An elegant bottle of a premium sake can also be the perfect souvenir or gift to bring back home.

How about owning your private Sake Brewery in Japan

In case you are more than an amateur of sake and feel the passion towards this exquisite beverage, why not have your own Sake Brewery? 

You may think this is too difficult to arrange, but that is without counting on GOYOH’s extensive services. Our professional team will help you find the right sakegura (sake brewery) according to your preferences. so feel free to ask us.

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If you are interested in Sake or if you would like to have more details, Please ask Myninja. Also, if you would like to benefit our Services, feel free to Request an Invitation. ​

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