May in Niseko: Snow Activities & Cherry Blossoms

Niseko, the symbolical snow-resort town of Japan is from now on notorious all over in Asia, Australia and Russia. So many things await visitors at the foot of Hokkaido's Mt. Fuji that a single trip here is enough to understand the key to its success.

Skiing in early May

Right next to this charming village, emblematic of the beautiful northernmost Island, people have the privilege to use ski slopes which are still open in spring until early May. Moreover, even if there is a lot of famous places to go enjoying snow in Japan during winter, Niseko is naturally one of the finest among them. 

Especially for peoples who want to avoid the peak season with its crowded ski runs, there is probably no better destinations to go. Besides the serenity and calm that travelers can find everywhere in this period, this is also the time when various flowers blossom while releasing their vivid colors in the wild nature around, creating splendid spectacles of nature.


Nature awakes peacefully

Sakura are at least as renowned as Japanese gastronomy overseas and constitute at themselves a national attraction. If trees start to blossom in the second half of March in the other main islands, things are quite different in Hokkaido which is subject to colder temperatures. 

This is why May here is the last opportunity for Japanese people to go spend hanami, literally to contemplate the flowers. Last but not least since, as explained in this article, nature remains carefully preserved and a large number of wonderful spots to admire cherry blossoms or the vivid purple colors of shibazakura can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Dining in town

Without its overwhelming set of delicious restaurants, it is likely that Niseko couldn’t have attracted so many tourists and gain its actual reputation so far. Most of the chefs grew up in the region and even though some of them left it temporally to perfect their skills in Europe or major Japanese cities. 

They all decided to come back willing to offer the best through their deep knowledge acquired and fresh local products. Thus, although Niseko is relatively small, it can boast about possessing a wide range of restaurants to please everyone from French or Italian classic to pure and authentic Japanese cuisine. For more information on restaurants in town, feel free to read our following article.


Where to sleep?

Just as for restaurants, Niseko is also blessed with several accommodation facilities including some luxury marvels of this earth, which constructions have just been finished recently such as Kasara Niseko Townhouse or Panorama

These modern residences are gifted with a direct view of Mt. Yotei, the well-known and so-called Fuji of Hokkaido, and also comprise private natural hot-spring to relax residents body and soul during their holidays.

If you are interested in spending your Holidays in Niseko and would like to have some help, Please Contact GOYOH. Also, If you would like to use our service, feel free to Request an Invitation.

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